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past projects

Good copy should speak for itself-- hear what some of mine has to say below.


Blog Posts

This 1200-word article outlines the importance of magnesium supplementation to support metabolic health.  Strategic SEO draws people in while easy-to-read, evidence-based content answers their questions and points them to solutions (these amazing skincare products).

A knife spreading butter on bread.
A close up of a woman applying tallow moisturizer to the back of their hand.

In this shorter, 800-word personal article, I outline some of the reasons why I love butter (and why you should too).  YUM!


Email Sequence

This conversational 'welcome sequence' was written to invite new leads into a community, offer valuable tips, build trust, and present an offer-- all without feeling pushy.  

A freelance wellness copywriter looking to the side.
An orange envelope with a flower in it against a blue background.

Wanna see some of these emails IRL?

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Website Content 

A yellow wildflower growing in a field.

In this project, I helped two sistas build a home page that clarifies their brand voice and resonates with folks seeking to regenerate their health.

Here's a look into when I helped a personal trainer build a site that speaks to her target audience of people starting their fitness journey.

Dumbbells and a resistance band on a wood floor.


Product Descriptions

A woman dipping her finger in a jar of Fatskn Face tallow moisturizer.

Here are some "grassfed" product descriptions that invite potential customers into a world of beautiful, natural ingredients blended with a purpose.

I had a blast writing  "adventure-ready" descriptions for this family-first sportswear brand.  It's all about attention-grabbing words loaded with SEO to help customers envision your product in their lives.

Two kids wearing a pink and blue swim cover up outside in front of a sprinkler.


Course Sales Page

A cow standing in a field next to a fence on a sunny morning.

Take a peek at how I showcased this special offer with an on-point sales page.  I use words that speak directly to pain points and highlight a real solution (this amazing course!).

"Sara easily understood what I wanted to communicate to my customers, so she nailed my vision without needing to go back and forth much."

"How do I know you'll understand my ideal customer?"

A freelance wellness copywriter typing on her laptop with a blue mug and a plant.

Great question!

As a copywriter, I wear two hats during my workday

  1.  writer

  2.  researcher

Research is a massive part of my client onboarding process as well as project prep.  

I pick your brain and dive deep into the spaces your prospects hang out the most to get a real

sense of their pain points and desires.


This helps me write words that meet them where they're at and present your solution

as the clear winner.

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